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Sena OutRush R Helmet

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  • brand: Sena


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The Sena OutRush R Helmet is the ultimate companion for motorcycle riders. With its sleek design and advanced features, this helmet guarantees comfort and safety on the road.

The OutRush R Helmet is crafted with premium materials, ensuring durability and protection. The shell is constructed from a strong polycarbonate material that can withstand impact, while the inner lining is made of soft, moisture-wicking fabric for maximum comfort during long rides. Its lightweight design also reduces fatigue, making it ideal for extended use.

This helmet is equipped with a state-of-the-art ventilation system. The strategic airflow channels provide optimal air circulation, keeping your head cool and preventing overheating. Whether you’re riding in hot summer temperatures or challenging off-road conditions, the OutRush R Helmet ensures a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

  • The integrated sun visor protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, eliminating the need for sunglasses or additional face shields.
  • The helmet features a quick-release chin strap, allowing for easy on and off.
  • The Sena Bluetooth system is seamlessly integrated into the helmet, enabling hands-free communication, music streaming, and GPS navigation.
  • The advanced noise control technology minimizes background noise, ensuring crystal-clear audio during phone calls or while enjoying your favorite tunes.
  • With its ergonomic design, the OutRush R Helmet provides a comfortable fit for a wide range of head shapes and sizes.

Not only does the Sena OutRush R Helmet prioritize safety, it also offers unparalleled connectivity. Stay connected with your riding buddies, receive important phone calls, or enjoy your favorite music while keeping your hands on the handlebars and your focus on the road ahead.

Choose the Sena OutRush R Helmet for a combination of style, comfort, and cutting-edge technology. It’s the perfect choice for motorcycle enthusiasts of all levels.




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